Lockdown orders and working from home gave people extra time to learn new hobbies over the last year. I heard from friends that were learning to play an instrument, learning a new language, or learning how to fix up things around their house. My wife and I were working from home with our two young kids - We didn't have time for piano lessons. Do you know what my lockdown hobby was? Snacking!

I ate a lot in 2020. At one point I was up 15 pounds. I felt gross - I was snacking all day and eating out more than I usually would to support local restaurants. Thankfully life is returning to normal. Area restaurants have opened back up so I don't feel the need to order takeout as much, I'm no longer checking the fridge or pantry 6 times a day, and I've started exercising on a regular basis again. The report below shows I wasn't the only one that gained weight and a lot of American adults gained way more than 15 pounds.


6 in 10 adults are reporting significant weight gain according to WMTW. Their report cites a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association which found that 42% of adults reported an average weight gain of 29 pounds!


The Boston Globe just published a story that shows women gained more than men, "More women reported weight gain than men, 45 percent to 39 percent, and women also experienced a higher average gain, 37 pounds compared to 22 for men."



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