One of the best parts of the Super Bowl - the food, of course!

If you are in need of ideas of just what you should feast on during the big game, we have you covered! Why? Because Google Trends just released a list of what party food every state has been searching for the most.

First and foremost, what food are Minnesotans making on Super Bowl Sunday? Chex Mix! Personally, I don't really consider this to be a Super Bowl food but it is delicious and requires no cooking.

Wisconsin residents are feasting on something much more delicious. Their most-Googled recipe is buffalo chicken dip! That sounds like the perfect football food! I may be searching for that recipe later. Ha!

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There were states that love the classic Super Bowl foods, like chicken wings, seven layer dip, cheeseburger sliders and chili. Those are foods we can definitely get behind!

There were also a few states that have some questionable favorites. Wyoming, for example, has been searching for a recipe for a chia seed and coconut milk dessert. Montana has been looking into making keto egg bites. Neither of these things really scream "snack party food" to me but I can't say they don't sound good.

As for the most random on the list, that title has to go to Vermont. It looks like they will be chowing down on pork chow mein. This has to be the most random Super Bowl food of all time. To each their own!

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