I've been hearing it the past couple weeks from both my wife and my family - So what do you want for Fathers Day? 

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I'm extremely low maintenance, at least I think I am.

Last year for my first Fathers Day we all just hung out and grilled while we played with my daughter, Charlee in the yard. It was perfect.

But this year I feel like they're trying to make it a bigger deal than they need to, and I'm here to tell you that's not necessary with most dads.

We don't need the new "it" thing, or to be showered with a ton of attention. We like to just, Be.

I mean, if you shop around the mall this time of year they all seem to set out the fancy screwdriver sets and discount dress clothes so we end up buying them for our dads for Father’s Day.  But do dads really want this stuff?

I'm gonna say, no. We don't. We can get those things any ol' time.

According to USA Today, these are the 5 Things Dad really wants for Father’s Day:

1. To watch the US Open in peace

2. A day off

3. A steak and a cold beer

4. To spend time with the kids

5. A thank you

All of the gift ideas in the world can come your way, and ultimately it comes down to what your dads would really enjoy, and you know them best.

So if I have any kind of advice to anyone looking for the perfect gift or plans for Fathers Day this Sunday, it's to just relax. Because they've already got you in their life, and that's going to be enough to help them appreciate their special day.

Just like how I'm planning to enjoy it with this little monster below :)

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