While it's not quite October yet, many stores are sprinkling a little holiday flair throughout. Many are gearing up by hiring seasonal employees. Target announced recently that they would be hiring 130,000 workers for the holiday season. And now, they have a new slogan designed to motivate their employees. The slogan is WWABD.

What does it mean? Maybe you've seen the hashtag online, as tons of Target employees have been using it on social media. And quite honestly, I want to use it too. According to Business Insider, it means, "What Would a Badass Do?"

It's not an official slogan but an expression of the determination and commitment our store team members have in creating a superb experience for our guests during the busiest and most important time of the year. -Target

I can't even imagine working at Target (especially Rochester's North store) on a weekend, let alone over the holidays. Props to all the amazing employees that keep the store operating smoothly during the craziness.

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