Everyone talks about New York and Chicago deep-dish but did you know that Minnesota has it's own style of pizza?So what is a "Minnesota style" pizza?

The team at Red’s Savoy Pizza told pioneerpress.com says its a thin crust pizza with a ton of toppings and cut into squares. They proudly say they've been serving pizza  “‘Sota-style since 1965.”

Savoy president Reed Daniels was quoted in the article: “We’ve won awards for best Minnesota pizza, but no one really knew what that was, so we claimed it.”

The company has already started re-branding their locations and have updated their website to claim the title of "Minnesota Pizza".

Red's Savory has several locations in the Twin Cities area.

I've never tried their pizza but I have eaten a lot of pizza in Rochester. We're currently asking listeners to vote for the best pizza joint in the Med City. Yesterday, voting for the 'Best of Rochester' opened. Click here to cast your vote for the best businesses in our area.

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