Shut up and take my money!

You see it on FB all the time: Friends asking the invisible masses of Facebook on whether they should go with an Android or iPhone for their new phone? You know, like we’re actually going to sway them one way or another. Mmmhmm, they already know what they're getting, they just want some extra attention...

Anyways, here's the perfect resolution – Just get both!

There’s a ridiculous new cell phone case on Kickstarter right now that's perfect for these indecisive folks, because it's an iPhone case, that's also an Android phone.

Mind. Blown.

According to Gizmodo, this case has its own big screen, its own phone number, it runs Android, and it has a big battery that it shares with your iPhone to keep them both alive longer.

They're scheduled to start shipping in August, and you can get yours for $95:

As cool as this thing is, I'm pretty sure this is how the movie "The Terminator" gets started...


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