With Valentine's Day approaching I think it's appropriate to talk about which states in the US are the best and the worst for singles! Are any of our Midwest states in the top 10? In fact, yes! Just one though. Our neighboring state Wisconsin ranked in the top 10 with Minnesota just barely missing out.

WalletHub did this study and looked at the following criteria to determine the rankings:

Share of Single Adults
Gender Balance of Singles
Online-Dating Opportunities
Mobile-Dating Opportunities
Median Annual Household Income
Restaurants per Capita
Movie Theaters per Capita
Crime Rate

Based on the data they collected from each state Wisconsin ended up coming in as the 4th best state in the entire country for single people! That's pretty good! And Minnesota just barely missed out on the top 10, coming in at number 14.

Our other neighboring states didn't do as hot. Iowa ranked 20, South Dakota was 34, and North Dakota was 48.

Here are the top 10 best states for single people in the US:

10. Missouri
9. Michigan
8. Ohio
7. California
6. Illinois
5. New York
4. Wisconsin
3. Pennsylvania
2. Texas
1. Florida

So if you're single, ready to mingle, and looking to move, maybe these states should be on your list!

And now for the 10 worst states for singles. Single friends, you may not want to move here:

41. Mississippi
42. Alaska
43. Wyoming
44. Kentucky
45. Delaware
46. Arkansas
47. Hawaii
48. North Dakota
49. West Virginia
50. New Mexico

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