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"Jessica, I was driving on the road by TJ Maxx in Rochester and my heart sank!  The TJ Maxx sign is off the building.  Please tell me my favorite store did not close."

First, my friend who sent me this note is Karen.  Her name is actually "Karen".  And yes, I told her to calm down.  And because I am a nice friend, I dropped all my other stories and to-do's and went to see what is going on.

Credit: Jessica Williams

The TJ Maxx sign is gone!

Yes, the sign is off the building.  Don't get your panties in a bunch and start hyperventilating - TJ Maxx is not closed.  The entire area where TJ Maxx is just undergoing some renovations.  The store is still there.  It is just a little more challenging to get inside at the moment, but all your treasures are still there, I promise.

Credit: Jessica Williams
Credit: Jessica Williams

You can already see some glimpses of what the new place is going to look like.  So far, it is looking great and the new look is very refreshing and modern.  The signs out front show that Benike is the one making the miraculous facelift happen for this strip mall.

Credit: Jessica Williams

I'm sure the businesses in this area would love it if you'd still stop by during construction.  As we've learned from a few other projects happening in our town, construction layered with COVID poses challenges and businesses still need you to show up and shop local.

Another construction project is happening on 55th Street NW in Rochester that is causing some traffic issues.  ICYMI, you can get the latest on that project and the challenges that are happening here.


What should go in the old Shopko store?

Talk about a building that needs some work done, the Shopko building on the South side of town has been empty for a bit and to be honest, the parking lot is looking a bit rough.  What should go in that huge, empty building?  We got a whole bunch of ideas this week and they all sound amazing.  Keep reading to see what people have been suggesting for this space.

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10 amazing ideas for what should go in the old Shopko South store

The old Shopko South store has been sitting empty for quite some time - other than a few Halloween costumes being sold for a few months. The outside looks horrible and it is starting to look more like a haunted house than a place that is viable. So, just in case anyone has some cash laying around and a desire to start a new business, here are a few ideas that people in Rochester had for this space.