My son has reached the age where he loves sledding so I was really excited to take him to the annual cardboard sled races. Unfortunately, I just saw the event happened last weekend so we missed it. #DadFail

Typically, our station provides a lot of promotion for that event and all of the Rochester WinterFest activities so I wasn't sure why we hadn't heard about any of these community events. Turns out, there is no WinterFest in Rochester this year.

Their website no longer exists and this message is posted to their Facebook page: "Many are asking about the future of WinterFest 2020. Unfortunately, we haven't had a chairperson step forward over the past few years, so although many (hopefully most!) of the events will still be held, it won't be under a 'WinterFest' umbrella. If you know someone or an organization that would like to take on the leadership of WinterFest, we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have. Good luck with your event and thanks for supporting WinterFest in years past."

Rochester's Polar Plunge is still scheduled for Saturday, February 8th. Get info here.

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