Scented candles can help with setting the mood. You can light a candle to relax after a long day, I have definitely lit a candle to try and get the scent of a full garbage can out of the kitchen. Let's add another use for scented candles to the list, shall we?

Introducing, A.1.'s new meat-scented candles!

There are three limited edition candles being sold by A.1.: meat-scented, BBQ-scented, and burger-scented.


I don't know, this just seems so weird. I can't think of a single reason for me to use a meat-scented candle. I wouldn't choose that scent to relax me, but I guess maybe the smell of a fresh burger does that for some people!

Check out the meat-scented candle here, the BBQ-scented candle here, and the burger-scented candle here!

Maybe this could be a good Father's Day gift?






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