Shawn Mendes is taking his World Tour... well all over the world! He's even making a stop here in Minnesota at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul. Best of all, we have free tickets to the show.

His show at the X will be on Saturday, July 9th and we know you want to go see him. He's a huge artist right now, who wouldn't want to see him live. On the Xcel Energy Center's website, they talk about how Shawn is a GRAMMY-nominated, multi-platinum singer/songwriter. Also, I didn't know this, he's "one of three male artists ever to score four #1 albums by 22 years old." That's impressive!

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So you want to go see Shawn for free at the Xcel Energy Center on the 9th, right? It's pretty simple to enter to win. Here's how it works: Go to your Facebook or Instagram. Then post a selfie with the hashtag '#SendMeToShawnKROC'. That's it! You have to have your photo shared on social media by noon on Thursday, July 7th to be entered and, if you've won, we will contact you via the social media platform you posted your selfie on the afternoon of the 7th.

I'm excited to see those lovely faces! If you'd like to make your photo a little more interesting, I wouldn't be mad to see a selfie of how you'd react when you see Shawn.

Good luck!

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