A new study was released by a safety and home security advice website called SafeWise that reveals the 30 safest college towns in the country. Two towns in southeastern Minnesota made the list, including Winona, which topped it!

According to the story, SafeWise security experts "examined the most recent FBI crime statistics and identified safety-related programs and initiatives in college cities across the country" to compile the list. Their calculations took into account factors including the total number of crimes committed, as well as programs run in those cities that focus on health and safety issues.

Winona, which is home to Winona State University and St. Mary's University of Minnesota, as well as Minnesota State College - Southeast Technical, ranked at the top of SafeWise's list. Among the safety programs the website lists are Winona State's Star Alert emergency texting system and the Winona police department's full-time community liason who facilitates safety and crime prevention programs.

Northfield, with St. Olaf College and Carleton College, ranked 24th in the survey. The community was cited for its strong support of "local military personnel, veterans and their families."

So, what do you think? Are Winona and Northfield safe places to send the kids away to college? Or did the study miss some glaring information or statistics that might put those rankings into question?

By the way, Winona ranked 19th and Northfield 15th in the site's 2015 study...