Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen a ghost? I personally have not seen a ghost but it sounds like plenty of people have because a recent study ranks how haunted each state is based on the number of ghost sightings. One of Minnesota's neighboring states is actually one of the 15 most haunted.

While I have never seen a ghost I wouldn't call myself a non-believer. I'd say I'm more on the fence about if ghosts are real or not. For some reason, I like the idea of ghosts being real, though, because then it's like the people who have passed are still here hanging out with us.

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Anyway, obviously, there are enough believers to have so many ghost sightings. In the state that ranked as the most haunted, there were about 6,845 ghost sightings in the past year. This is according to work done by and is where I got the list of the 20 most haunted states.

Most Haunted States in the Midwest

There are actually a few states in the midwest that made the top 20 most haunted states in the US but only one of those is a neighbor to Minnesota.

The lowest on the list of the midwest states is actually our neighboring state, Wisconsin! Apparently, there have been about 1,311 ghost sightings there in the past year. Overall, they came in as the 14th most haunted state.

Next in the midwest is Missouri at number 13 with 1,385 ghost sightings. Then we have Indiana (1,892 sightings), Illinois (2,151), Michigan (2,426), and Ohio (2,555) all right next to each other as numbers 6, 5, 4, and 3.


Most Haunted State in the US

So while we have quite a few haunted states in the midwest none of them are THE most haunted. The second most haunted state is California with 6,444 ghost sightings (yes, we jumped from 2,555 sightings to 6,444, that's crazy). And coming in at number one is the other massive state, Texas, with 6,845 ghost sightings in the past year. Allegedly.

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Even though I'm on the fence, I still think ghost stories are really interesting and I love hearing them. Keep scrolling for stories about haunted hotels near Rochester plus haunted trails in Minnesota.

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