If you’re a dog lover, or even just a good human being in general, this story will upset you. I’m furious myself after news broke that a Wisconsin man is facing a felony charge for an extreme act of animal cruelty. This man, if you can even call him that, is either a total monster or a complete moron.

Cody Allan Sholes (pictured here) of Beloit, Wisconsin has been accused of putting an 11-month old golden retriever in a bathtub and showing the dog with boiling hot water. The dog, named Sunny, was severely burned. I’m absolutely stunned that someone could do that to their own dog.

According to what Sholes told investigators, Sunny was placed in the bathtub with the shower running after he relieved himself inside the apartment. Earlier, Sholes had reportedly turned the water heater to the highest setting because “his apartment was cold.” Ever hear of a thermostat, you idiot? While Sholes claims he didn’t know the water was that hot (yeah, right), he left Sunny to care for a child. It was only when he heard Sunny’s cries that he returned to find the dog in poor condition. Police were called after Sholes took Sunny to a relative’s house.

When officers arrived at the scene, it was reported that Sunny had exposed tissue on his head and ears from the scalding water. A veterinarian later said this was the worst injury caused by hot water she had ever seen. Sunny is now facing several months of surgery and recovery after this incident. This is just beyond horrible.

Are you buying Sholes’ excuse here? He had to know the water was hot and what placing his dog in that bathtub meant. This was an act of cruel punishment. It’s soulless and completely unacceptable to do that to a dog - or anyone for that matter.

Sholes is scheduled for a court appearance on January 3rd. I hope they throw the book at him. Literally and figuratively.

Source: KTTC

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