The women at Holmen High School, in Holmen, Wisconsin, were completely caught off guard. Happy screams and laughing could be heard through the hallways. Every one of them left with a Valentine’s Day gift.

Zack Peterson handed out 625 long-stemmed roses to students and faculty Tuesday morning. The senior said the gesture was a "pick-me-up" for students who were still grieving the death of a classmate last year.

Peterson told the La Crosse Tribune, “The school needs a pick-me-up. It is an easy way to help people feel happy.”

Zack’s sister, Abigail, said she didn't even know he was going to do it, "A lot of girls left in tears, they were so happy. It is great there are people like him in this world.”

So how much did this sweet stunt cost? Peterson said he made a bulk order through Sam's Club which came to about $450.

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