A woman was furious after her freeloading father made an insensitive joke about her cat, resulting in her kicking him out of her house.

Sharing her story on Reddit's popular AITA forum, the anonymous woman revealed her dad had been living with her after experiencing medical issues, which impacted his ability to keep a job.

Though they never had the best relationship, the dad's decision to put her indoor cat outside and make a joke about killing her pet was the final nail in the coffin for their relationship.

"I (19F) bought a house about nine months ago with money that I inherited when my mother passed away back in 2017. It's not big, just a simple two-bedroom house with a small backyard. Recently my father (39M) had to move into my second bedroom because he couldn't keep his job due to medical reasons," the woman wrote, adding their relationship had been "very rough" for years and she was hesitant to let him stay.

Though things seemed fine initially, the woman shared her dad started "getting lazy" and she started to feel like she "was looking after a teenager instead of a full-grown man."

"My final straw was when I found my cat outside, and when I asked him about it, he just said, 'Oh, you know how I don't like cats, so I got rid of her! Be happy I didn't take her to the river,'" she continued.

The woman was furious.

"That is when it all hit the fan, he went on a tirade yelling and throwing random little things he could get his hands on. The things in my house may not be expensive, but I took the months to specially decorate it and make it my perfect safe space, so seeing him destroying some of it in front of my eyes really irked me," she explained.

Finally, she kicked her dad to the curb.

"When he finally left, I packed anything of his I could find, put it in garbage bags, and put them on the front step with a note saying he was no longer welcome in my home and would need to find a new place to stay. The bags are gone from my step, and I haven't heard from him since," she concluded.

In the comments section, users were stunned by the dad's behavior and backed the woman up with encouragement.

"Please change your locks immediately!" one user commented.

"I'm so sorry you lost your mother at such a young age. I hope you have other people in your life who offer you love and who support and respect you. You deserve good things," another wrote.

"You gave your father a chance, he acted like a spoiled brat, you tried talking to him when it didn't work out, and yet he still kept misbehaving under your roof," someone else shared.

"Especially the thing with your cat (and his reaction when you confronted him) means overstepping boundaries. And that the stuff at your house he was throwing at you wasn't expensive hasn't got anything to do with it. He disrespected you and your property. Just make sure he doesn't have any keys to your house," another user commented.

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