Here's a unique adventure for your child's favorite stuffed animal. It's as if the story is jumping outside of the Corduroy book. ABC and Toy Zone in Rochester is hosting a sleepover for children and their stuffed animals this Wednesday July 19th at 7 p.m. Kids should arrive in their favorite pajamas for an opportunity to listen to Corduroy and enjoy a bedtime snack. Afterwards they will tuck in their animal in for a one of a kind sleepover! They will be able to follow their stuffed animals adventures on Facebook and google.

ABC and Toy Zone encourages parents to pick out a stuffed animal that the child can part with for a couple of days. Nothing worse than a kid without their favorite stuffed animal! If you want your kid to participate in this fun event, RSVP is required, details are below. Fill out the form and start planning for a really fun Wednesday!

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