Back in the 90's, you weren't cool unless you owned a Starter Jacket. Period. It was that black and white. I can still remember opening up my gift from Santa the year I got my first one - It was a black Charlotte Hornets jacket and I wore that thing everywhere!

I strutted around in that thing for almost two straight years until I grew out of it. I'd wear it to football games in the fall all the way to baseball games in the spring. Shoot, my mom would even scold me if I wore it to church over my best Sunday clothes. I loved it!

I'll say it again: Starter Jackets were THE COOLEST back in the day... And now they're back!

The Starter brand just launched a brand new line of NFL Starter jackets for the 2018 season, and man do they look sweet. They've got the old school feel we all know and love with the front pocket and quarter-zip look, but also a modern touch to them as well.

If there's ONE knock I have on them, it's that I'm disappointed their base color is white. I mean let's be honest, these thing's are gonna get straight up DIRTY, especially if you're an avid tailgater. But other than that I'm seriously contemplating on ordering one!

At least our starting quarterback likes them:

Right now they're going for $149.99 a piece, which isn't horrible, but it's certainly not cheap either. Maybe Santa will strike twice this Christmas?

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