If you caught my post yesterday, you saw the result of what happens when I dip, you dip, we dip-and that's me becoming a dad this fall!  Since I'll be a first-time parent, I'm trying to pick up as much advice as possible, but I don't think this will be a tip I follow with action...

According to a survey conducted by financial firm T. Rowe Price, 69% of parents are very/extremely concerned about setting a good financial example for their kids. An odd finding since 30% of those parents are fine with "borrowing"(STEALING) from their kids' piggy banks! Now, I know some parents are firing back with, "Hey, it was my money to begin with!"  In which I say, "once you give it to your child, IT'S NOT YOURS ANYMORE!"

"Are you old enough to be paying bills? Then you're too old to be stealing from me! I mean....OINK."
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Another crazy number was using cash to prevent their kids from becoming demon spawns on their watch; 48% of parents admit to bribing their kids with money to encourage good behavior(I know this will probably ruffle feathers since I'm a member of the old school, but I remember a FREE swat the buttocks being way more effective).
There is some good news, though.  83% of parents believe kids can learn solid financial habits through games and role-playing with money.  And since admitting a problem is the first step in solving it, 28% of parents agree with the statement “I am not good with money so I should not be the one to teach my kids about money."