OK kids, pop quiz!  What's this?



Very good.  Yes, it's the space shuttle (when we actually used to launch them).






OK, question two:  What is pictured here?



If you were born anytime in the 80's,  you probably knew already since it's an ICONIC picture of America's past.  But if you answered anything less than "national tragedy of the Space Shuttle 'Challenger' exploding and killing all seven crew members instantly," you can go to your history teacher at the end of summer break and tell them they suck at teaching you HISTORY.



If you didn't know what that picture was, you also have a really good chance at getting hired at American Apparel since that's what some idiot posted on American Apparel's Tumblr page over the weekend thinking they were fireworks, with the hashtags "#smoke and #clouds."


Screen Shot-American Apparel Tumblr Page













When PISSED OFF replies like this started coming in, American Apparel's response was,

Screen Shot-American Apparel Twitter












Maybe it's just me, but you'd think if you have "American" in your name you'd have a good bead on events that have transpired IN AMERICA.



Then again, maybe I'm being too hard on this person who was born after 1986.  But if that's the case, would this picture and caption, "Abraham Lincoln Having Fun at a Play," be appropriate since NONE of us were born during this event?



Probably not.

If you haven't yet seen the video, here's why American Apparel's picture mishap is pretty offensive (Explosion starts at 1:35 mark).

Check out the rest of the story and replies from VERY upset customers here (Mashable.com).