Paris Hilton's trying to get back into the music scene, and you you've just gotta hear her latest single!  Or not. At all.

so it ain't so......
-Getty Images

Though, in my opinion, this sound isn't much different than the stuff Britney was putting out with her album "Circus," which just goes to show you that Paris is about six years behind the times.  She also didn't get the memo from Jay-Z that Auto-Tune is dead.

We'd show you the video, but it disappeared from Youtube as fast as it was put up.

That's ok, let all "enjoy" Paris Hilton's "Come Alive" here.

**BONUS!** If you'd like to see how long you can go without punching yourself or those around you, check out a video for the making of her video here!(Eonline)  (I think she thinks unicorns are a real thing...)