Since the dawn of time it's been common knowledge that little girls have been putting table cloths on their heads pretending it's a veil, or gathering Barbies and having a mock wedding ceremony.  Apparently, that tradition has carried into adulthood according to FemaleFirst's latest survey.

60% of single women said they've already planned some of their wedding day, even though they're not currently dating anyone!  That's seems insane from a guy's perspective, but here' the top five things ladies have already decided:

1. The style of wedding dress they want.
2. Where they're going for the honeymoon.
3. Who will be their bridesmaids.
4. Which flowers they want.
5. How they'll wear their hair.

TO THE SINGLE LADIES: Is there anything missing from this list that is a "must-plan?"

TO THE SINGLE GUYS: Have you planned anything for you wedding even if you're not going out with anyone?