As a lot of you know, I'm about to be a first-time dad in October.

I've got the shininess of an unwrapped Chipotle burrito with the shape of a 13 week old baby! I'm perfect!

And while I knew there would an "adjustment" period, especially in the first trimester(like being named world's greatest man followed by lowly pond scum within 4 minutes from my girlfriend and mom-to-be(mood swings maybe?)), I've kept my expectations in touch with reality for the most part; like knowing I was going to become the late-night diaper changer and future barf-stain victim.

And he's not even flipping us off! That's my boy...or girl.



Though I hadn't even THOUGHT of some other minor ramifications of parenthood.



More specifically, how we'd dress.  Ok, I'll be more specific(and even more shallow), how SHE'LL end up dressing.  After seeing a random article,  the ONLY thing image that scorched itself into my brain was THIS:

I never realized how superficial I was until I found out what my lady wouldn't be wearing soon!  The top five things that women ditched immediately after becoming a mom were short skirts,  high heels, skinny jeans, crop tops and low-cut shirts.

And while this story gave me some insight of what I'm sure to expect, MOMS, WHAT DO YOU MISS WEARING OR IS MISSING FROM THIS LIST?