Here's what irritates me about almost every TV show and comedy on the big screen; the dad is always a bumbling, lazy moron who basically spends most of his time getting yelled at by the wife/mom for being an incompetent waste of space.  I'm here to stick up for dads everywhere and say THAT'S CRAP!




 tallied up all the things that dad does inside and outside the house that add up: $24,103 on average to be exact.

Eek, that's thing's deadly! Risk your life and kill it, dad!
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Got a creepy-crawly that needs squashing?  Pest control workers make $15.15/hr





"No, we're NOT there yet."
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Kids need to get to soccer practice? Cab drivers make $13.50/hr





"Is there a reason for bubble gum holding this hose together?"
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Car break down with a worn muffler belt and busted canifler pin? Automotive service technicians and mechanics make $17.85/hr






"Hello Mr. Hammer. Fix this."
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Bought another dresser from Ikea with wordless-instructions?  Maintenance and repair workers make $20.18/hr





And that's just a few jobs that dads do that made the list.  Thank dad for all his hard work that he's been doing pro bono with a Twins baseball giveaway!  Click here to win it for dad from KROC!