Wanna make sure you've blown any chance of going back to your current job after you quit and show you're a complete coward, all at the same time?!  I have your solution!


Photo Courtesy-Reuters/Shannon Stapleton


Now, don't get wrong, I'm love technology.  In today's age, you can order a pizza, see what your firends are doing and have long, drawn-out conversations about "how your girlfriend's day was" all on your phone!  But some things in life deserve a little more than a text-unless your middle name is Pansy.

Basically, you download the app and when you're ready to "move on" from your current employer, it will send a text to your boss and send you to a current listing of other available jobs in your area.

An employment company called TheLadders built the app. They say, quote, "Despite all the advances in technology we still quit our jobs the same way we did hundreds of years ago  There's a lot of anxiety around the resignation process, so we use technology to ease the pain in that moment and make it seamless to break up with your boss."

That's probably just code for, "I don't have the cajones to tell my boss I'm quitting in person and will avoid any confrontation at all costs... And send."

Not only is it the wimp's way of quitting, it also eliminates the possibility of telling a great story of a burning bag of doody on your boss' desk as you walked out the door!  Not that anyone's ever done that, right....?

Attention wimps:  Get your "Quit Your Job" app and find out  the rest of the story here!