The internet nearly collapsed upon itself all weekend when a pic started making its rounds:

Miley's not dead, but this image certainly is...

It featured Miley laying on a bed with pills all around her and the headline, "Miley Cyrus Found Dead in Her Los Angeles Home!"  Hardcore Miley fans knew the post was BS right away, since it was a still shot from her video for  "Blonde SuperFreak Steals the Magic Brain"(I mean duh, right?)??  But for those not aware of the video, clicking on it sends them into a survey and pop-up nightmare.

Oddly enough, Miley hadn't posted anything on any social media platforms since July 18th, a full day before the hoax took place on Saturday, making a lot of fans think it was actually legit.  Miley didn't help matters by, according to one source, not only knowing about the hoax, but not posting anything after it went viral because she thought it would be funny!

One thing we do know, is Miley is alive and "well," just like Paul McCartney, Celien Dion, Eminem and a plethora of other celebrities who have been falsely reported of passing on.

Get the list of "dead" celebrities and the rest of the story here(Huffington Post)