To my fellow males:  If you found a woman you just can't get off your mind, YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONE. EVERY woman, on average has 1.4 guys(I wonder how much game that .4 guy has?) trying to date her, even if you're the one who's with her.  That same number jumps to FOUR if she's really hot!

That's according to a new study by PickupMetrics.  But those weren't the only revealing numbers released.

And remember that whole thing about "waiting two days" to talk to a girl you're interested in?  Yeah, not so much.  A full 89% of women surveyed said they WANTED to be contacted within two days, and lose complete interest in you after five days of no contact with you.  Guys, if you listened to that last sentence, then keep in mind that 73% of those same women want you to contact them via text.

Gentlemen, if any of this seems foreign to you, it's probably because you've been doing it wrong.

Find out how to turn it around here.