Ladies have a lot of options on what to wear down there.  The only problem with having such variety is that most are made of CLOTH that you have to actually WEAR.  And for some, less is more, right?  I mean, there's the G-string, but then again, there's a STRING!  That's WAY too much clothing!  Until now...

Introducing the C-string!



It features less material than this,





Fits like this,





And looks like this!





Get the coverage you need, plus it's just slightly bulkier than an eye patch!

And don't worry - unlike a pad, the C-String stays in place with a wire stitched inside the fabric.  There's tons of patterns and colors on Amazon, most around $5 each, though that doesn't quite look like five dollars worth of material....

Then again,



If you have to wear one of these,




You probably shouldn't wear one of these,









Unless you want other ladies to make one of these.





We found some other pics and more on the C-String here (buzzfeed), but you've been warned that these are NSFW!