As most of you know, KROC's got the baby fever going on!  Between Dunken and his wife's due date in August, mine and my girlfriend's in October and Sam and Megan's biological clocks ticking excitedly in their uteruses, there's a possibility of a lot of pitter-patter of little feets and smelly-poo diapers ravaging this studio soon.

"I'm the size of a potato, maybe name me Spud?"

Now, given that I won't know the baby's gender for a couple more weeks, maybe this is premature(which may be how I got here in the first place... Hoy-oh!), but what's the best way to go about even naming a kid???

For the past 14 years, Jacob has been the most popular baby name, though Noah overtook the number one spot in 2014 for boys, and Sophia as the top baby girl name.  I know we could sift through the pages of a baby names book or take the name of a family member for our baby, but what do you when none of those names sticks out as "the one?"


Was there a cool story or way that you were named?  And parents, what worked best in finally picking the name you call your little one?