Usually it's not a good thing if someone tells you to go jump in a lake.  But this is the exception.   People all around the country are taking the plunge for Landon. It’s all to help the family of a 5-month-old boy with cancer and it has inspired thousands across the country to submerge themselves in cold bodies of water.

I took the plunge last night and let me tell you the water is chilly!  

Normally with this challenge you are to call out a couple of people and challenge them to take the plunge while offering a monetary donation to the family.  If the people do the plunge within 24hrs you donate your money to the family.   We've got thousands of listeners.  I want you all to get involved.  I'm giving you all 24hrs.  If at least three people post their plunge on my facebook wall by tomorrow morning, I'll donate $50.

This is a great opportunity to help a family that's going through an extremely hard time and  have a little fun doing it.   GO JUMP IN  A LAKE!

(Full disclosure:  This was actually take 2.  My butt crack was hanging out while running to the water in the first shot. LOL!)

To read more about Landon's story, click here.

Check out their facebook page too.