It's the reason that Winston-Salem, North Carolina Senior Kayla Montgomery is one of the fastest high school track-runners in the country.  And she's got one of the fastest times in the country and a scholarship to prove it.

Kayla Montgomery
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Kayla was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis three years ago.  And while MS is a  potentially debilitating nervous-system disease, Kayla has been able to use it to her advantage; mostly because her MS has delayed her brain's ability to feel pain.  So while other runners start to feel the "burn," Kayla is able hit her stride since her legs are essentially numb.

She just won the North Carolina state title in a 3,200-meter run, running it in 10 minutes and 43 seconds.  Yeah, 3200 meters is two miles!  That time is now the 21st-fastest in the entire COUNTRY.  That time also landed her a track scholarship to Lipscomb University in Tennessee.

Kayla says to she plans to run for as long her body will allow her.  Personally, I can't wait for the first time one of her opponents complain, "It's not fair, she has MS!", so Kayla can laugh right in her face.

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