I'm not above mentioning it's my birthday today(did you hear it's my birthday today), and I found out that I'm not "old" yet!  Atleast, that what a new survey says....

Metamucil comes in Jack Daniel's flavor! Yum!
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A new survey found people think the average age when you turn old is . . . age 80.  And the average person says they feel 11 years younger than they are.  But even though you're not "old," according to this survey, there's things you're probably doing that make you seem old(most of which I'm guilty of daily....).





1.  You fall asleep watching TV or reading the paper. Guilty

2.  You start forgetting things. Guilty

3.  You groan when you get out of a chair or bed. Guilty

4.  You say, "Back in my day." Guilty

5.  You pick clothes for comfort instead of style. I think I'm still stylish

6.  You repeat yourself. Guilty

7.  You don't recognize popular music. I dig that hippity-hoppy music!

8.  You swear things aren't where they used to be. Guilty

9.  You pick places to eat because the music isn't that loud. Guilty

10.  You take afternoon naps. Guilty

Wow, nevermind.  I'm "old."  I can't be the only one scoring 8/10 on this list....right?