Researchers at Mayo Clinic have proven that the measles virus can be used to  treat cancer.  They've only seen success in one patient, but think this is a potentially huge breakthrough.

It was nearly a year ago when, multiple myeloma patient Stacy Erhotlz, had exhausted all the traditional treatment options.The disease had spread all through her body. The cancer was in her bone marrow. She had five tumors throughout her body.

That's when Mayo Clinic doctors tried something they had only tried once before, they injected her with a massive dose of the measles. The dose was large enough to vaccinate about 10 million people.

What happened next was a medical miracle.  Her doctors say within 36 hours, her tumors started to shrink.  Her tumors were disappearing and Stacy's lab tests were also improving steadily. Her doctor said by seven weeks they weren't able to find any cancer.

Scientists had known for a while that the concept can work in mice, but a real result had never been seen in humans.  Even though Erholtz is only one person, Mayo doctors are convinced that she is the start of something big.