If you're an 80's or 90's kid, there's a pretty chance you can sing the rest of this sentence, "Butterflies in the sky....."  It's the first line for the theme song from "Reading Rainbow," and it's returning! Sort of.

Yesterday, Levar Burton launched a Kickstarter campaign to revive "Reading Rainbow". Its goal was set at $1 million, which was surpassed in hours!  The catch is, it's NOT coming back to TV.  It's for the "Reading Rainbow Ap" which you have to PAY for!  The other catch, and GOOD THING, is the money raised on Kickstart will subsidize the cost to bring it to teachers and classrooms for free.

That got me thinking, though.  What other old school education-based kids shows need to make a comeback?

If you're old like me, you remember "Bill Cosby's Picture Pages," not only for the theme song, but for the sweet sound his marker made(check it out for yourself at the 1:52 mark)!

If you were a "Nick Kid" you probably remember "Get the Picture!"

Maybe Double Dare?  Some might think it wasn't "educational," but then again, everyone just remembers the "Obstacle Course" at the end, but there were questions you had to answer during the show!  And pretty much EVERYONE did the "Physical Challenge" when they got double-dared...