I can actually relate to this story since I used to have a boss so oppressive that we once had a meeting so she could tell us we needed to limit the amount of "bathroom breaks" we should take.  Yeah, she sucked.  Almost as bad as THIS boss. Almost.

(A quick side-note: Don't get me wrong.  I don't think people should be camping out in the bathroom 'cuz they don't wanna go back to work.  Timed bathroom breaks seem a little excessive. Although, this is part of a bigger story of a local union who's complaining about how they need more benefits(imagine that), BUT...

"No that wasn't me! I didn't have time to make that smell!
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The WaterSaver Faucet company in Chicago (somewhat ironic for this story), was noticing some people were taking too much time in the bathroom, so they started a TIME POLICY! Employees get 60 minutes every 10 days, which obviously, equals 6 MINUTES A DAY (what do you do if you eat a lot of cheese?!)!  So how do they enforce this?  You have to swipe in and swipe out with your punch card when you use the bathroom!

I've worked at a lot of places in my life and have had to deal with some weird workplace rules, but this just seems INSANE!  Anyone else have workplace rules this "crappy?" (Ha! Get it?)

BTW, you can read all the details on "potty time time-out" here (CNN Money).