About four months ago, I was introduced to Chris Fursa and his family at D6 Games. Ever since then, my eyes have been opened to a whole new and exciting world.


Sure, I had played RPG's (Role Playing Games) before, but mostly in video games. My brother and I grew up playing them on our Nintendo and Playstation systems and we'd spend hours upon hours deciphering the outcome of it because the stories would suck us in. That's why I kind of knew what to expect the last time I visited D6 Games back in April.

But in the last month, D6 Games has capitalized on the hunger and high demand of gamers in the Rochester area. And to the pleasure of their customers, they've expanded their walls!

They still have 200+ games to choose from, and offer several themed nights for players to come in and play D&D, Magic and Dice Masters just to name a few. But they also have contests on painting miniatures as well... and that's just another cool experience that I was introduced to this weekend!

I was again visiting the store when I met Jon Ninas. He was busy showing anyone who was willing to learn on how to paint those very miniatures you would use to play in your favorite RPG.

Intrigued, I sat down with both he, and recent Byron High School graduate Ryan Thomas and began painting my own. He taught me the basic ways to paint and layer my figurine, and also showed me a few tricks of the trade on washing and shading my new character.

Finished miniature!

Within an hours time, I had created a one of a kind miniature in which to use in my next RPG adventure!

A huge thank you to Jon, Chris and the entire D6 Games team for letting me back into the fold. You're making a bigger fan out of me every time I step into the store!