Samm Adams already wrote about why she loves going to Farrell's, so today I'd like to share my wife Danielle's story on how her 10 week journey went.

Before I turn it over to her, I just want to start off by saying again how proud I am of my wife. She's worked so hard, and continues to get up six days a week at 4:30 a.m. to go to the gym, all while being a rock star mom and a loving wife. She's proven to both me and herself that anybody can do this. She's just flat out awesome.

I asked her to tell me all about her experience these past 10 weeks, to which I'll post in its entirety below:

"I was the typical, I'm not happy with myself, but I don't really have the motivation, discipline, or care to do anything... until I had a friend tell me about her experience, and show me her results. This is 100% for real and worth every second of sweat."

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    What Were You Most Nervous About Farrell's?

    I was super nervous to start. I don't like to be the person who can't keep up, or the person everyone is waiting on, so I didn't want to hold anyone back or stand out because I can't keep up. I am a pretty outgoing person, but in new situations like that I knew I was going to walk in an outsider so that caused a lot of anxiety up front too. Also, I was obviously about to embark on a crazy journey with my body that I have neglected for quite a while. So, with the combination of not eating right and not exercising, I was so scared that I was going to hurt myself or be so sore that I would want to quit because my body just physically couldn't take it.
    I'll be honest, while everyone there is unbelievably supportive my anxiety didn't melt away the first day. The first week, I was a nervous wreak trying to find my place in the gym, learning the new exercises, learning how to wrap my wrists for kickboxing, and trying not to wake my whole family up at 4:30 in the morning. It is the people that really make the experience though. Without my coaches (more on that later), my best friend Sarah, and the FIT members, no one would last through the program. The great thing about Farrell's is everyone has been in your situation. No one has just jumped right into being a member. Everyone started where you have on their 10 week journey and knows what you are going through. Sarah and I even met a couple of girls who have been at Farrell's for about a year. They took us under their wing and really made the experience for us worth it. The instructors take their time to help you understand the moves, and emphasize form so you don't injure yourself. Everyone there wants to see you succeed. Everyone is happy to help you with anything you might need. The support is unmatched.
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    What's Your Favorite Part About Going Now?

    I love being a FIT member now for a few reasons. I have made some really great friends through this experience, and getting to see them everyday knowing we are on the same journey is awesome. Even now that the 10 weeks are over, I still have everyone's support, and encouragement even on days when I might not be at my best. The sense of community is awesome. I have no plans on ending my journey with Farrell's anytime soon.

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    Best Experience So Far?

    So far the best experience I have had is the support. I am probably repeating myself over and over, but I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true about the community that is Farrell's. I don't really know what I was expecting walking in, but I wasn't expecting what I received in coaching. No, I don't have a personal trainer, but I have 2 people that are invested in how I was doing in my 10 weeks. The coaches are really the back bone of the experience. My coach would check in with me, look at my food logs and offer advice, offered to go grocery shopping with me to help me understand the nutrition piece of it. She was awesome!!! I never felt uncomfortable with her, or like she didn't have time for me. Our "class" also had a Facebook group, which sounds silly, but was really helpful as well. Us "10 weekers" could lean on each other and get through it together. We were able to post funny memes to help remind us all why we were there, and the coaches could send reminders, and encouragement. The fit members are awesome too. If  i was doing an exercise or move wrong they stepped to help correct me. Everyone is supporting everyone in their journey.

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    Is It All Worth It?

    100% worth every penny. This was the absolute best Black Friday purchase I have ever made. I feel so much better about myself, and have sooo much more confidence, and I am not even close to being done. I never, EVER thought I would be preaching about how much I love going to the gym, and how waking up at 4:30 every day isn't really a big deal. Trust me... I was the textbook sleep till the last possible second and snack on the couch and watch Netflix (I still like to do this... the snacks are different though!). I am just so much happier with my entire life now. It's hard to put into words what this experience has done for me, but I know it's not over and I am pumped to get up again tomorrow and go.

    Before & After :)