The crying baby, the way-too-tall guy behind you, the jerk who steals your armrest; all examples of people you'd celebrate being booted off a flight you're on.  The smelly guy's a real life example who was removed from a Paris flight and is now filing a complaint.

The name has been removed to protect the pungent, but a 27 year old man on his way to America for the first time from Paris was told he'd have to exit the plane before takeoff because he, in the words of Dr. Suess, "stink, stank, stunk."  And maybe that's an understatement given that the majority of passengers on the plane immediately complained to the equally-offended crew upon boarding.

"I'm sorry sir, but our policy states that if you smell like vomit and burnt hair that you're not allowed on the plane."
-Getty Images

A spokesman for American Airlines said the passenger was disembarked from the plane due to "visa issues that were only noticed once the passenger was on the plane." Not that it matters.  American Airlines' policy states that it can refuse transport to passengers who "“have an offensive odor not caused by a disability or illness”.

The alleged shower-deprived gentleman doesn't care either way since he's filing a complaint against the airline, going with the 'ol "discrimination." excuse(Which it is.  Discrimination against a guy who's odor was offending a couple hundred other passengers).  He says there's no way he could have been kicked off the flight because of B.O. since, “I covered myself with Dior perfume at the duty free shop,”

Yeah, I think this case is closed.  

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