Even if you're not an avid sports fan, it was pretty unavoidable to find out the last public even was held at Minnesota's 32-year old HHH Metrodome yesterday, as the Vikings edged out the Detriot Lions 14-13(wait, that must be a typo...We won?).



Photo Courtesy-rgj.com

And while 100 extra private security gaurds and more than 50 Minneapolis police officers were added to ensure a massive thieving melee wouldn't ensue, a few fans managed to swipe four seat backs!  This is pretty tame, though, considering what went down on the last day of the "Old Met."


Of course, instead of stealing souveniers, you have the option to buy 'em; Well, the seats at least.  The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority has contracted with Fridley-based Albrecht Signs to salvage up to 20,000 of the Minneapolis stadium's roughly 65,000 blue plastic folding seats.  Non-profit groups can purchase them for $40 each, while fans can get random seats for $64.20, or specific seats for $85.70.  You can buy seats individually or as entire rows(good luck fitting 30 seats in your living room), but you've gotta hurry, THE DEADLINE IS THIS THURSDAY!

The purchase form and more info can be found here!