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Friday, November 11th

Q: The average woman keeps THIS for 12 years. What is it?
A: The same hair stylist

Monday, November 7th

Q: A new survey found that 38% of us would have a hard time telling our friend this?

A: They got a bad haircut

Friday, November 4th

Q: If today is an average day, THIS will happen close to 20 times. What?

A: People suing Walmart

Wednesday, November 2nd

Q: 50% of adults in a new survey said THIS is the most un-thoughtful gift anyone can buy for them. What is it?

A: Lotion!

Monday, October 31st

Q: 44% of adults will do THIS on Halloween. What?
A: Wear a costume to work.

Friday, October 21st

Q: Everybody does this; however 90% of men say they’ve never seen their father do it. What?

A: Make the bed

Wednesday, October 19th

Q. THIS is the first thing most people think about everyday. What is it?

A. Sleep

Tuesday, October 18th

Q: A recent survey of dating app users found that 14% of women lie about this on the first date?

A: Their name

Friday, October 13th

Q: 66% of people do this when their on vacation, but not when they are home. What is it?

A: Eat dessert at dinner

Wednesday, October 12th

Q: 77% of adults admit to having one or more of THESE as a child. What is it?
A: Imaginary friends!

Friday, October 7th

Q: A new vacation study is out and shows that 150 people worldwide are injured on vacation because of THIS. What is it?

A: Falling coconuts!

Thursday, October 6th

Q: Nearly half of employees admit to doing this at work, adn you really shouldn’t. What is it?

A: Pay bills

Wednesday, October 5th

Q: Your mom used one of these, but odds are just 1 in 10 of you do. What is it?

A: Apron

Tuesday, October 4th

Q: 10% of women always carry THIS in their purse. What is it?
A: Chocolate

Monday, October 3rd

Q: 34% of Americans do not have one of THESE. What is it?

A: Savings account.

Friday, September 30th

Q: 70% of people who have this, don't use this for it's original purpose. What is it?

A: Garage

Thursday, September 29th

Q: The average person does this 150 to 200 times a year.  What is it?
A: Honks their car horn

Wednesday, September 28th

Q: If you could hypnotize your husband to do one thing, what was the number one answer?

A: Clean the house

Tuesday, September 27th

The average person has 6 of these committed to memory…what?

A: Recipes

Monday, September 26th

Q.   According to a new survey, a quarter of all people said THIS is the biggest productivity killer at their job. What?

A: Meetings

Wednesday, September 21st

Q: Most who try this, give it up after doing it once. What is it?
A: Rollerblading

Tuesday, September 20th

Q: Half of us love this, 30% of us hate it, and 20% of us are afraid of it? What is it?
Q: Thunderstorms

Thursday, September 15th

Q: People do this more in the 20’s than any other age in their life. What is it?

A: Eat Out

Tuesday, September 13th

.   Q: According to a new survey, there are certain things that all high schoolers should know how to do...call them basic skills if you will. THIS tops the list. What?

A: Doing their own laundry

Monday, September 12th

Q: The average school-age kid does it six times a year. What?

A: Catches a cold

Friday, September 9th

Q: More than 80% of men in the US have THIS in common. What?

A: Under 6 feet tall

Wednesday, September 7th

Q: What 2 professions are nearly 100% filled by women?

A: Kindergarten Teachers and Dental Hygienist

Tuesday, September 6th
Q: 56% of people do this on a date b/c it makes them feel more confident. What is it?
A: Wear Black

Tuesday, August 30th

Q: 78% of our kids lie about this. What is it?

A: Their Homework!

Monday, August 29th

Q: The average woman can do this for about 2 days…what?

A: Keep a secret

Friday, August 26th

Q: 17% of working woman say this happens to them on a weekly basis. What is it?

A: getting asked out by a coworker

Thursday, August 25th

Q: Almost 80% of women say they’d find a man more attractive if he owned THIS. What is it?

A: A Teddy Bear

Wednesday, August 24th

Q: According to a new survey, this is the only appliance in your home you expect to last more than 10 years. What?

A: The stove

Tuesday, August 23rd

Q: A toothbrush is the item most forgotten by vacationers. What's #2?
A: Underwear

Monday, August 15th

Q: More than 60% of women say they wouldn't date a guy with this. What is it?

A: Pony tail

Friday, August 12th

Q: Nearly 60% of people say they lose sleep over this. What?

A: Retirement

Wednesday, August 10th

Q: 38% of women say they’ve been known to to change and improve their appearance by using THIS (something in the kitchen). What is it?

A: Lemon juice!

Tuesday, August 9th
Q: This is the #1 Summer Olympic sport people say they like to watch the best.
A: Swimming

Tuesday, August 2nd

Q: According to a new survey 6 out of 10 Americans are exhausted by this. What?

A: Election Coverage

Monday, August 1st

Q: 43% of women say they find it very attractive when a man knows how to do THIS.  What is it?
A: Iron clothes

Friday, July 29th

Q: A new study shows that the average person does THIS for 23 minutes every weekday – and usually gives it a little break on the weekend. What is it?
A: Washes dishes!

Wednesday, July 27th

Q: 57% of people in a new survey say they would never break this rule. What is it?

A: Use the express lane at the store with more than 10 items

Friday, July 22nd

Q: 59% of mothers told their children this when they were little. What is it?

A: Don’t cross your eyes

Thursday, July 21st

Q: By the end of this week 46% of parents will have already started doing this. What?
A: Back to school shopping

Wednesday, July 20th

Q: The top thing couples argue about on vacation is this. What?

A: Not helping when one was struggling with luggage

Tuesday, July 19th

Q: The average person does this 35 times a month. What?

A: Takes a picture

Friday, July 15th

Q: 90% of people know THIS sound within two seconds. What is it?
A: Ice Cream Truck

Tuesday, July 5th

Q: 35% of men say they never do this without asking their wife first.
A: Adjust the thermostat

Monday, July 4th

No Question

Friday, July 1st

Q: This weekend, 25% of people will do this at your party. What?

A: Double Dip

Thursday, June 30th

Q: Nearly 35% of people have illegally done this while driving. What?

A: Drove the wrong way down a one way

Wednesday, June 29th

Q: The average cost of this is $56. What is it?

A: Having a BBQ

Tuesday, June 28th

Q: The average home has 6 of these. What?

A: Refrigerator magnets

Monday, June 27th

Q: Nearly 10% of couples have broken up over arguments about this?

A: Wedding Budget