We are now able to confirm that Jon Thorson has resigned as English Teacher effective June 9th, 2014.

We've received several emails and Facebook messages from people expressing their anger and disappointment. Cathie Hedrick Armstrong posted this to our facebook wall - "Incredibly sad day for Mayo High School Students. RPS Board Docs indicates that Mr. Thorson has resigned. To say that I'm not a happy parent is an understatement. Best wishes, Mr. Thorson. I wonder if the top levels of the administration at RPS have any idea how HUGE the hole is that you're leaving behind. ::shaking my head:: You will be missed by many, Sir!"

The #FreeThorson movement was started to save the teacher after he was apparently placed on leave for using a curse word in class.

School officials have not commented about it at this time and probably won't because school officials in Minnesota are generally not allowed to comment on personnel matters under the state’s Data Privacy Act.

According to this screenshot from the Rochester Public Schools website, it would appear that Thorson has resigned effective June 9.

A few students on Facebook have let me know that they will continue to voice their displeasure.

We’ll let you know more when we get additional information. In the meantime, follow #freethorson on twitter and Facebook to see what the students are saying.