I always feel sorry for celebrity kids who get stuck with names like Apple, North and Stardust because it shows how dumb their parents are, but mostly because it's almost certain they'll be tag team-rump kicked by other kids on the playground throughout their elementary years.  Even worse is when adults want an extreme name change, like this lady:

(Dispatch photo by Courtney Hergesheimer)

She wants her legal name to be....



Wait for it....




No, seriously.  Shelia Ranea Crabtree of Pataskala, Ohio says she's always hated the name Shelia because, "I think it's really ugly."  She's not changing her name just because she's drop-dead hot(huh?), moreso because "I wear Vicotria's Secret clothes all the time."(And obviously, "Pink" was already taken)

The woman(soon to be "the woman formerly known as Shelia) is going in front of a judge in less than two weeks with her new name request.  The judge reviewing her case isn't an easy one to persuade for crazy names.  He's denied past cases for "Tazmanian Devil" and "Jesus Christ Lord And Savior." (No lie.)

If her first request is denied, her backup is "Sparkle." 

If you're on the fence as to whether you agree with her hopeful new name, perhaps this can convince you:

Maybe keep your options open.