A few weeks ago, we compiled a list, based on reader/listener recommendations, of the top spots in Rochester with amazing customer service! You can check out that list of businesses here. Below, you'll read about one fast-food employee that went above and beyond to serve hungry customers.

5 Guys, located in northwest Rochester, is a popular spot for burgers and fries and their staff is typically pretty good about getting people in and out. There was a day last week when their staff wasn’t quite as efficient though because apparently most of the employees didn’t show up.

This is the story of 1 guy that kept 5 Guys open and its hungry customers happy.

5 Guys

5 Guys is a fast-food chain located in northwest Rochester. They serve burgers, hot dogs, and fries and offer free peanuts while you wait.

Tammy Laganiere

Tammy Laganiere snapped these photos while waiting for her food at the burger joint. She shared the photo on social media to praise the young man for his hard work.

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At Five Guys wanting to give a shout out to this young man who was the only one who showed up for work. He was supposed to have 2 to 3 helpers that never showed up. I have to say he handled customers very well being busy. Thank you for working so hard to please us.

Tammy Laganiere

Cole, the employee in the photos, saw the post on social media and thanked everyone for the recognition, “I want to say thank you, everyone, for the kind words/compliments. I’ll admit I’m a little overwhelmed! I just come to work and work hard to try and give all customers a good experience! This post and the kind words are beyond generous and I feel happy to have given you guys a good service!"

Props to Cole for rolling up his sleeves and taking care of all of those customers.

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