I bet when you saw the headline for this you thought, "Wow, that's a big number!" Can you imagine doing 1 million acts of kindness? Well, NBC news believes it's possible and so do many other people! Share Kindness is a social media campaign to encourage people to do acts of kindness and share their story. I love this concept because I do believe there's several stigma's to kindness. I'll list a couple here:

1. People often mistake kindness for weakness.  It actually takes much more strength to use kindness versus the latter.

2. That the merit of worth when a kind act is committed should be determined by the anonymity of it. This is also not true. While committing acts of kindness anonymously is certainly of humility value, acts of kindness shared openly shouldn't diminish the overall value. In the end, the kind act was committed regardless of the anonymity of it or not.

I especially wanted to share about this campaign after I read last week about a high school senior that took her own life after being bullied for her weight. Bullying is rampant in our schools. Imagine if we had a 1 million act of kindness campaign in our schools if that would change the trajectory of tragic situations like this. What happens when we make kindness cool instead of bullying?

I challenge our schools and community to join this campaign and contribute to the 1 million Acts of kindness campaign.

Here's one that's already occurred since we posted about this campaign on the Random Acts of Kindness group - Rochester, Mn page. If you'd like to share your story, send me an email.

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