Every time I travel, my Minnesoooota accent gives me away and conjures up all sorts of questions. Ironically, they are all stereotypical of Minnesotans. I narrowed down my top 10 questions and answered them, the Minnesota way.

  1. "It's 50 degrees! Why Are You Wearing Shorts?" Um, because it's 50 degrees! That's considered warm here!
  2. "Why Is It Called The Land of 10,000 Lakes? Look around there buddy. If you want to be exact we have 11,842 lakes (that are 10 acres or more).
  3. "Why Do People Go Ice Fishing?" There may or may not be a little alcohol involved to make sitting in the freezing cold more bearable, but fishing is a big deal here.
  4. "Do You Go To Mall Of America All The Time?" Oh Yes! Because insane crowds of people that don't know how to walk fast and getting lost in a parking garage are my ideas of fun!
  5. "Is Everyone You Know Super Nice?" "Minnesota Nice" might be more appropriately named passive aggressive. It's the smile on top of the bitterness that they wear so well.
  6. "What Do You Mean By 'That's Interesting...'?" It usually means 1 of 2 things. It's the exact opposite of interesting, or that's definitely not a choice they would have made. It's being Minnesota nice.
  7. "What The Heck Is Lutefisk?" I'll be honest and say I'm not a fan personally but this Norwegian staple is well....interesting.
  8. "Why Are People So Excited About A State Fair?" What? How dare you!? It's the great Minnesota get together for cryin' out loud where everything is fried or comes on a stick. Don't knock it till you try it!
  9. "Why Would You Say It's Not That Cold When It's 10 Degrees Outside?" Well, it was just like -10 yesterday so, yeah, It's not that cold.
  10. "Where Is Up North?" No matter where you live in the state, "North" is any place North of where you currently are. It's a destination most often associated with a vacation, and lakes, and beers.

What’s the question everyone asks you just because you’re from Minnesota? Tell us in the comments below!

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