Minnesota has some incredible, massive companies based in the state, like Target, Best Buy, and Mayo Clinic. But which one of them employs the most people?

Not including the part-time jobs I worked growing up, I have never worked for a company with more than a few thousand people. I don't know how I would feel about working for a massive company like Target. Would it be stressful because so many people are looking to you? Or would it be cool because you're part of such a massive company that everyone knows? Let me know how you would feel about working for one of these huge companies. We can chat on our free app.

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I was able to figure out which companies based in Minnesota employ the most people thanks to Zippia, so let's take a look at the top 15. Maybe you work for one of them!

15 Minnesota-Based Companies That Have the Largest Number of Employees

We have quite a few incredible companies in Minnesota, lots of large companies are based here. Thanks to Zippia, I have the 15 largest companies in Minnesota.

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