I was behind two people at a coffee shop. I caught my barista friends attention and quietly let him know I wanted to pay for their coffee unbeknownst to the people in front of me. I was impressed how stealth we were. When he told the two people it was covered they were shocked. They couldn't believe it. They looked around and kept asking who and I averted my gaze.

I go to the pick up spot for the drinks and they kept asking and looking. The lady asked if I knew and asked if it was me. She was persistent and I finally fessed up. She smiled and said "You did it?! Why?!?" And I said "Because I wanted you two to have an awesome day with an act of kindness given to you." (I always never know what to say and so when I finally do my responses are super awkward 😂😂) She said "I'm amazed. You made our day."

And that's why #rak is so important. Thanks to my barista friend for being my partner in crime too. I will admit I try not to share too much of my RAKs committed because some people often want to silence me, trying to shame me by claiming I'm tooting my horn. That's never my intent and I do hope I can change that kindness stigma universally one day so people can share without reproach. Behavior is contagious and more positivity is needed in this world. That's why I share.

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