There are some things everyone in Minnesota has in common, specifically things they have all done. You can’t be a real Minnesotan without having done these at least once, can you? If you haven't, don't worry. You have all summer!

  1. Swam in one of Minnesota's wonderful lakes! There is over 15,000 to choose from.
  2. Been on a boat! Bonus for fishing for AND catching dinner.
  3. Stayed in a cabin, on a lake obviously!
  4. Visited the world famous 1st Ave in Minneapolis. Iconic!
  5. Eaten a Juicy Lucy. You are missing out if you haven't.
  6. Been to see the Cherry and Spoon at Sculpture Garden.
  7. Experienced the theater, any of them! (2nd only to NYC per capita theater in the U.S.)
  8. Been to a Fireman’s dance. Always great to support your local servicemen.
  9. Been to a meat raffle! And had a beer... or two... maybe three?
  10. Been to one of Minnesota's phenomenal state parks!
  11. Had a bonfire. It's a summer staple!
  12. Been practically eaten alive by mosquitoes.
  13. Bought produce from a random farm! Rochester Farmers Market is one of my faves!
  14. Been caught in the middle of a huge unexpected downpour! More than I can count!
  15. Been to a music festival. There is only hundreds to choose from!
  16. Been to the Great MN Get Together at least once.
  17. Visited the Mall Of America. You know everyone asks if you've been there.

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