There's that TV series called "Switched at Birth" that finished up its last season a little over a year ago. But now the TV series is sort of happening in real life!

Denice Juneski, of Eagan, MN, and Linda Jourdeans, of Hammond, WI, just discovered they were switched at birth 72 years ago at Bethesda Hospital in St. Paul.

How bizarre would that be?! To one day know that the life you were living wasn't really yours!

So how the heck did they figure out that this accident happened?

Denice decided to submit her DNA to 23andMe to get information about her health history only to find out that her DNA didn't match anyone in what she assumed was her family. She took the test again, just in case, and the results came back the same!

Over in Wisconsin, Linda's niece took a DNA test and Denice was in her family tree, not Linda. Once Linda found out about this she went and did her own DNA test and it was confirmed that Linda's DNA didn't match who she assumed was her family either!

Denice and Linda had A LOT of pieces to put together! They each have met parts of their real family and also visit 99-year-old Marianne Mayer, the mother who raised Denice but gave birth to Linda and is currently in memory care. Unfortunately, Denice's birth mother died from cancer at 42.

They both agree that it makes sense they were switched at birth. One giveaway is that Linda, a blonde, grew up in a family of brunettes and redheads, while Denice, a redhead, grew up in a family of blondes. Another giveaway is that the family who raised Linda were all very athletic and Linda was not, while Denice was the only athletic one in the family that raised her.

There is going to be a big family reunion later this month where Denice and Linda get to meet more of their real family!


Watch the story done by Kare 11's Boyd Huppert below:


Source: Kare 11


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