A Winter Storm Watch is in effect for portions of southeast Minnesota with heavy snow on the way Tuesday through Thursday.

The National Weather Service says, "There will be two main rounds of snow. The first from Tuesday evening through Wednesday morning and the second from Wednesday evening through Thursday afternoon. While the snow will lessen between these two rounds, increasing winds and blowing snow may result in continued travel difficulties."

It would be smart to prepare now. Go get groceries and gas for your snowblower after work today so you're ready when things get nasty.

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Schools will most likely cancel classes as the snow moves in and road-conditions worsen.

The NWS says, "Travel could be very difficult to impossible. Areas of blowing snow could significantly reduce visibility. The hazardous conditions could impact the morning or evening commutes."

How Much Snow Are We Going To Get?

As the storm gets closer, the weather experts are feeling more and more confident with their forecasts. And, one very reputable news outlet is calling for TWO FEET of snow in parts of southern Minnesota.


WCCO says "by Thursday afternoon, the (Twin Cities) metro may see more than 20 inches of snow, with more possible to the south and a bit less expected to the north."

They are forecasting 21 inches for the Twin Cities, nearly 2-feet for Rochester, and 26 inches for Mankato.

I don't know about you, but I was really enjoying this recent nice stretch of weather. I was kind of thinking we might get an early spring - silly me!

Get that snowblower ready...

The National Weather Service in the Twin Cities says we could see record accumulations - "Odds are a ruler won't cut it when measuring this one."

NWS Twin Cities
NWS Twin Cities

Now, I'm not sure if we'll get two feet of snow in southeast Minnesota, but it does look like we're going to get slammed with a significant amount of snow.

I'd bet on school cancellations and dangerous travel conditions. Remember, you can always get the latest updates on the weather, closing info, and real-time road-conditions on our app.

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